Создадим узнаваемый и полезный сайт, который удержит внимание и выделит предложение или услугу на фоне конкурентов на рынке.

Our team will develop a unique and memorable website that will catch everyone’s attention and attract more clients.

Мы предлагаем

Our offer

cоздание сайтов с нуля под ключ,
продвижение и настройку рекламной компании,
работу с графическими элементами

creation of sites from scratch on
a turnkey basis, promotion and setting up
an advertising campaign, work with graphic elements

Fixed deadlines

We will discuss the time required for your website development beforehand. Then, you can inquire about the progress at any moment.


Before starting work, we will set up a contract containing all the crucial details and deadlines.

Adaptive Web Design

The price discussed already includes adapting your website to work correctly on phones and tablets unless specified otherwise.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website will be set up for promotion – our team will be happy to provide this service.

Tech Support

We are always happy to help you on weekdays, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Moscow).

Further promotion

Tell us about yourself! We will help you set up your Google AdWords account or promote your website in Google according to your aims and goals.

Website development

Website development means your idea comes to life

We’ll work to make your website the bast! You can inquire about the progress at any moment. Your website will be set up for further promotion and work correctly on different devices.

We work mainly with WordPress, but you can choose any other CMS or none at all.

1. Work specification and signing a contract

At this stage, we set forth the aims and goals of the project, draw up a work specification, discuss the deadlines and cost.

2. Design

The next step is developing a prototype and a structure, creating a visual concept and working on graphic elements.

3. Coding and further promotion

Website coding is done per the agreed design layout, and then your website will be adapted to work correctly in browsers, on tablets, and on mobile phones. After that, your website is ready for further promotion.


Website design is what catches the eye first. Our main objective is to pique a user’s visual interest to make them continue browsing the website.

The website design is developed according to the provided specifications. Therefore, it is crucial to think through the visual concept, appearance of banners, interactive and other elements. If you already have a distinguished style, the website design will be developed in accordance with your style.

We will create a simple, practical, eye-catching design that will draw the user’s attention. Also, you can order a pre-made design template so you can save your time and cost.

Our Recent works


I would like to thank Alexandra and Arina for my well-made professional website - disteng.ru Nice design, easy to open and looks great on any devices. While working, Alexandra listened to my wishes about the functionality of the site, and Arina took into account her design preferences, so that the site turned out to be beautiful, convenient and informative.
Elena Tsybina
Alexandra helps me a lot with the site and promotion, completely created a user-friendly design, connected the store, explained clearly how to work with the site… I am very grateful and will always turn only to her! She is very understanding of my stupid questions and explains every little thing. Before her, I had been looking for a specialist for a very long time and received only negative experience, but thanks to Alexandra, I now feel calm about the site. Thank you very much!
Lucia Chuvilyaeva
I ordered different works on creating/ correcting websites and promoting SEO for several projects, one for the Retail Navigator marketing agency and my own project "Good Ball". I really liked it, firstly, how fast and easy everything is: agreed - done, secondly, professionally, thank you very much to the designer, Alexandra low bow, And the cost is 2 times lower, or even 3 times lower than others. We continue our work with great joy and gratitude!
Marina Gorina
I have worked with Alexandra and Arina on several projects and we will continue to do so. I and the customers, as a rule, are satisfied. They always meet the deadline, are always included in the project, give their recommendations and write instructions on where and what to poke. Thank you for your work!
Natalia Kalentyeva
I would like to thank you again for your work and patience, thank you! It turned out that not everything was as scary for editing as I was afraid. And I really like the site.
Olga Ershova

Who we are

I have been working on website development and promotion since 2016. My first place of work was the MaxGroup web studio in St. Petersburg, but when I gained the necessary experience, I realized that I wanted to develop further. For a long time I worked independently, improving my skills, mastering php, js, jquery, ui, html and css subtleties more deeply. I made both small individual websites and large-scale online stores, constantly challenging myself with new challenges and successfully coping with them.

Subsequently, Arina joined me, and for several years now we have been working together on new tasks, trying to give 100% for each and simultaneously mastering new technologies and strategies for web development and promotion.

In total, I have completed more than a hundred different projects and I'm not going to stop there. I will be glad to work with you!
Website development, SEO
I have been developing designs since 2019. I studied at the courses from LoftSchool, having been trained as a Ui /Ux designer, immediately after that I received my first project and successfully completed it.

To date, I have dozens of closed projects, not only website designs, but also cases for creating logos, motion design, as well as design support for social networks and websites.

My design skills will perfectly help me in advertising your business on social networks, make an advertising banner and launch it on a social network – very convenient and productive!

I will be glad to work with you and your projects and help you reach a new level, develop your business and present it beautifully to your customers!
Design, social networks

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